What makes FACTORY PHNOM PENH such a famous creative hub?

An e-mail was sent to businesses 10 years ago. You will find in this e-mail a 3D drawing of a modern place where collaboration, creative people, multi-cultural businesses, startups, and artists will work together. There is no way we can tell what it was. During that time, Chak Ang Re was one of the most underdeveloped areas of Phnom Penh. The location was actually an old factory, where workers would sew shoes or shirts. Therefore, we all get confused. They are renovating the old factory and producing some modern products, aren’t they?

We won’t understand what it is until the place is open to the public. Now this is one of Phnom Penh’s most innovative, creative, and modern business centers. There is no doubt that the architect behind the architecture was not a local. This place is also owned by a well-known and wealthy family.

Poto by Uban Village

There is a promise.

Factory has delivered what it promised in its e-mail after 10 years. Every day, hundreds of businesses and creators gather here to collaborate and create new things. Yellow spaces, free bikes, allowing people to imagine freedom of thought and action. The people like it. In particular, our new Cambodian creators.

Those who create.

This may be one of the visions of this place. It is now a hub for artists and creators. Factory has one of the largest art exhibition halls and is led by an Indian-Uk Lion. This arts space is backed by a very wealthy Englishman, he said proudly. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on creating large and mini studios for artists. Cambodian artists were attracted to it because of its popularity. Everyone wanted to see a revival of the arts, but the project failed and many artists lost their artwork and studios. Simply put, it’s not easy. Despite this, Factory positioned itself as a platform, not a creator.

Creators of the future.

Even if it fails, new people will always come if it never closes. Instead of focusing on large groups, Factory now inspires hundreds of new projects a year by focusing on small teams. It is natural for new talent to find their way to express themselves, and Factory is the ideal place to do so.

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