Lyna Trinh, from hands to heart for Cambodia.

In Cambodia once upon a time, there was a serious problem. During the Khmer Rough regime, 2 millions people were killed in a genocide. The remainders had been turned into a farming machine. There is no wealthier or richer person who did not work in the rice fields every day. Everyone had to work.

As a result of Khmer Rough’s genocide, the remaining population can’t be productive any longer. Overwork and working conditions make their bodies weak, mental illnesses, and severe diseases followed them to the end of their life.

The result of the war

Thousands of people are seeking medical health treatment in order to overcome health problems. However, there is no miracle. 40 years later, over 50% of the population is still poor and is not able to obtain such expensive medication.

Her and Cambodia

Despite living in France now, Lyna is finding her way to give back to her country. She discovered traditional medicine as a method to heal the people of her country. She founded “Les Mains du Coeur pour le Cambodge Association”. This association she founded in Cambodia was created after she trained herself as a professional practitioner to treat the poor and train nurses in rural areas. She believes that cuing the physical part would definitely affect the emotional part. 


Introducing acupuncture into Cambodia isn’t an easy job while it’s still a new treatment for Cambodians. She is working toward creating an ecosystem for traditional Chinese medicine treatment. 

International practitioners have volunteered to come to Cambodia to support her initiative. The local authorities have also welcomed her volunteer with open arms.

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Lyna Trinh, from hands to heart for Cambodia.
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The biggest star in Cambodia, How did SOKUN KANHA make it?

There is one weird thing about this singer. She never sings her own song, never plays any music, never sings any original song, but she is for sure the biggest singer star in Cambodian heart. How did she do this?

Her success goes along with her way of doing business, let’s talk about it now.

Famous stars appear almost randomly in Cambodia. You might come to the top in a few years and then fall back to the ground in the next season. However she is the only one that has been holding her popularity for almost 15 years. 

15 years ago, this was a song that made her famous “ស្នាមស្នេហ៍សមុទ្ររាម”

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Entertainment is an occasional business in Cambodia, she understands that so when she is at the top, she has to earn as much as she can. Her first strategy was to attract big brands. 

In 2015, She was a Samsung brand ambassador. This landed her a 6 figure deal per year. Great, isn’t it? Yes it was, but it came with a cost. The superstar lifestyle is a cost, so at the end of the year what  made her struggle the most was to get attracted by other big brands. It wasn’t an easy job. She failed at least 10 deals before closing one. 

Obviously the super star needed to figure out another way to sustain her status and lifestyle.

You may ask: what about the money from her song? 

Lyna Trinh, from hands to heart for Cambodia.
How does Angelina Jolie invest in Cambodia?
The biggest star in Cambodia, How did SOKUN KANHA make it?

In Cambodia, the signer gets paid about 500$ per service to sing a song. However she earns a bit more because she is a super star. There was no loyalty in song distribution, The owner of the song was the producer. In her case that was Hang Meas Production. 


She just simply can not sing for other productions or produce her own songs.

Why does she stay with the production company?

.. Hmm she never sings her own song, never plays any music and never sign any original song, remember? So in a way, the production company is the one who promotes her to be at the top. So the strategy to stay at the top is to stay famous and sell her branding to cooperate for bigger income at least right now.

Here is one of her latest song produced by Raksmey Hang Meas production.

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What’s next for her?

Nobody really knows, maybe she might follow the same destiny like any other famous actresses. In 2019, she got married to a rich man and takes care of her husband’s branding. The singer might not need to fight to get more money and simply enjoy her life. 

The world of singers in Cambodia is changing, there are hundreds of new talented artists. They all wait for the right time to shine while the old and traditional method got there already. Vanda is one example, he sings his own song, writes his own music.

After all, Cambodia has joined the international standard.