How does Angelina Jolie invest in Cambodia?

You must have heard about “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, the first movie that made Angelina Jolie become an internationally known actress. Now, did you know that some scenes were shot in Cambodia?, Specifically at the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap. The film was a 90 million dollar budget. Cambodia didn’t earn much financially from that. However, what Angelina Jolie brings back to Cambodia is enormous.  The movie being located in Cambodia was the reason which led Angelina Jolie to adopt a child from Cambodia



Maddox was adopted by Brad and Angelina in Cambodia in 2002. He was seven months old at the time. Even though he was raised in America, he is still very connected to Cambodia and appears in the public very often. He showed his interest in getting himself involved in developing a few projects in Cambodia, for example Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

Maddox actually studied biochemistry at the Yonsei University in South Korea. Referencing his college degree in a 2019 interview with ET.

What else, you might ask? Well, the first time she produced a movie, it was set in Cambodia. “First They Killed My Father” was a 22 million dollar budget Netflix movie. The entire set and crew were from Cambodia. This connected and benefited several Cambodian film stars, producers, and directors.

Rithy Panh was one of the directors that benefited from Angelina Jolie. He is now one of the biggest Cambodian film directors that is recognized internationally. 



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Besides the Film Industry Angelina Jolie has also been involved in real estate investments. She has bought several hectares of land in the northern part of Cambodia. Her reason for doing this was to protect the jungle area through the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation.


Since 2020, she has been a supporter of the “Women for Bees” program in Battmabang. She has her mind in Cambodia. Sooner or later she will earn Cambodian citizenship.

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Lyna Trinh, from hands to heart for Cambodia.
How does Angelina Jolie invest in Cambodia?
The biggest star in Cambodia, How did SOKUN KANHA make it?

Under 100 umbrellas of SIEM REAP, the PUB STREET’s way of life.

There is no street more famous in Cambodia than PUB STREET. What is the beginning of it all?

It might be a business matter!

In reality, business isn’t a sexy word. Following their visit to the Angkor Wat Temple, a group of businessmen were interested in attracting tourism to diversify their spending. Along these streets, a great restaurant chain has emerged. One of them is Temple Group. 


Maybe it’s a diversification

Pup street makes Siem Reap a foodie city. More than 20 food cultures can be found in the area. There is something for everyone, whether you want an Indian bite or a Ukrainian salad. 


There could be a multi-national component to it

More than 30 nationalities settle in this city and enjoy their work here, making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world. As a result of COVID-19, the number of nationalities is increasing. As the world shows us, we can all work from wherever we like, and working from home is no longer a problem. The dream of every human being is to live in a beautiful, cute city with a variety of cultures and histories to learn from. There is no better place to get this experience than Siem Reap.


Maybe the price has something to do with it

It’s obvious that Siem Reap is the cheapest place to eat out. From ice cream to the best pizza in Cambodia, the city’s restaurants offer visitors a great experience to experience new tastes.

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Come along with me on a stroll down Pub Street.

Let us introduce you to the place if you are unfamiliar. At 5pm, you leave your hotels and walk along the Siem Reap river toward the old market. When you arrive at the market, you’ll turn right. There will be a big sign PUB STREET 2 blocks away. 

Walking it, you’ll see the whole world change, modern music, bars, restaurants, people talking photos, traditional music. The best way to find the right restaurant is not to stay on the main street. In an aisle, you’ll find a dozen mini shops selling everything from souvenirs to ice cream. Pizza at Crep ‘Italie is the best, followed by ice cream gelato. The two places are right next to each other.


Don’t forget that the street never sleeps, but you should.

Lyna Trinh, from hands to heart for Cambodia.
How does Angelina Jolie invest in Cambodia?
The biggest star in Cambodia, How did SOKUN KANHA make it?