Cambodia’s food packaging industry is booming

Why are Cambodian products not available on the international market?

There is no proper packaging process in place.

There are tons of products waiting for the right package producers to offer such a deal, while Cambodia imports more than 100 tons of packaging from China every year. 

Local entrepreneurs have taken the shot and produced packaging from natural waste, but it’s not exactly what the industry needs.

Can you tell me how much the market is worth?

Because of Facebook’s exposure to online sellers, it is more than 50 million dollars per year. As Cambodia adapts to this explosion, in 2022 online sellers will need to register their names with the ministry of commerce without opening a business. Providing packing is a top priority. The industry must realize and support this explosion. Having people be able to create micro businesses is a great move.

In what way does it work?

China is the world’s largest packaging producer and supplier, so Cambodia has a strong link to China. However, Cambodia has a small market, so attracting a factory from China to open here would be a good solution. This factory will produce by order from our sellers. They meet the standards for international exportation. The deal will enable Cambodians to export thousands of ready-made goods around the world.

Next steps?

This is one of the areas in which Cambodia is in need of investors to jump in and provide such a solution to the kingdom. All of us believe that it will happen very soon, while you can enjoy the low cost of local products in your local super market.

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