What draws millions of tourists to CAMBODIAN temples every year?

Since 2015, Angkor Wat has become the main wonder destination of the world. Millions of foreign visitors enjoy the great park, the lush landscape, and the fresh air around the temples. 


You must spend at least 3 days visiting Angkor Wat to see just 10% of its history. There are more than 3000 Hindu temples in Cambodia and more than 1000 in Siem Reap alone.  


One of the most culturally diverse cities in the world is Siem Reap, unlike other cities. There are more than 300 luxury hotels and this is the only place in Cambodia where you can walk freely without the burden of traffic and parking of vehicles. For example, take Phnom Penh, which is not an easy place for tourists to enjoy. The reason why more than 50% of tourists return to Siem Reap at least once a year is that Siem Reap is different. 

What makes the temple special?

It’s extremely big and spiritual! The pictures on the internet couldn’t bring the same feeling when you actually visit it. Each temple is quiet and peaceful, and people perform ritual ceremonies every day there, so you feel like you’re on the set of a historical movie when you visit it. In addition to the hundreds of stories your guide will tell you during your time at each temple, most of them have a strong connection with humanity. It opens your eyes to how the world has been created and allows you to reconnect with it once again.

Does it only consist of stone?

There is a rich diversity of experiences, such as Arts, Performance, Culture, History, Culture, Luxury Stay, Great Diverse Food, Great Air of the World.

Is the number of visitors going to decrease?

As long as there is a connection from humans to the place, the number of visitors will always rise.

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