Has the coffee shop’s booming business ended?

There has been a boom in the coffee shops industry in Cambodia over the past ten years. The youth has adapted their living style and connected coffee as a way of expressing themselves. It is hip, it is fresh and it is professional.

How did the coffee addiction begin?

Cambodia follows the food patterns of neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, one of the largest coffee consumers in the region. Coffee shops are often filled with elderly people who hang out from nap time until evening, playing chess and chatting with friends. Their children follow, but they need a more comfortable place to hang out and fast internet for surfing. 

Local brands have created Brown, Tube, and Cyclo Coffees. International brands follow and set foot in the kingdom, Starbuck and Amazon. 

How does it benefit Cambodia?

This has created a dynamic creative place for young people to share and work together. It allows for more freedom of work and people are using coffee as their office. 

How long will the boom last?

In 2022, coffee business is considered the unprofitable business because of the growing of competition every month. Late players have already lost their investment and withdrawn from the market.

Can you tell me how to set up a business shop the right way?

You can open any business in Cambodia with just a little investment, and unless you make over 60 000$ per year, you won’t need to register a company. The locals take advantage of this opportunity and open street coffee shops all over the country. More than 100 000 coffee shops are estimated to exist, more than schools, restaurants, and hotels combined. For such a small market, it’s obviously over-crowned.


Opening a coffee shop seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Unless you have a way to attract drinkers, it’s not worth it to open a coffee shop.

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