The focus of CAMBODIAN’s photographers is birds.

There’s something new about it. One of the most active activities for Cambodian photographers is bird watching, specifically bird photography.

Isn't that really fun?

Taking the most beautiful photos is more than just fun, it’s a passion. The contest is between amateurs and professionals in photography. In today’s digital age, everyone wants to show off their best work, their originality, their creativity. Using their cameras to express themselves is an easy way to express oneself.

Why is it good that Cambodian photographers are interested in birds?

Having beauty where people from all over the world want to see will bring Cambodians awareness to know what they have and the importance of keeping it that way. As a result of tourism, people will understand the importance of taking care of their own property. It is important for locals to take care of their own property. In this way, the extinction of rare birds can be dealt with more sustainably than by foreign organizations.

Due to Tonle Sap lake, which attracts thousands of birds to gather around the lake, Cambodia has one of the richest bird wildlife in the region. The best way to start is to connect with a bird watcher organization and book a tour. That is the easiest way to get started. It depends on the time, months, and season.

Is it necessary to take care of birds?

As several species of birds are in danger of extinction, your activities aim to inform the public of their existence and to prevent wild life killers from killing them. Cambodians with limited education do not realize how dangerous it is that these species could become extinct. There are laws in place to prevent this act.

Are there any bird photographers community?

ក្រុមថតសត្វស្លាបកម្ពុជា - Cambodia Bird Photography - CBP

What is the best way to become a birth watcher or bird photographer?

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